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OK, You've Got a Website for Your
Racing Team or Business…

computercropped.gif (21596 bytes) Now What Do You Put on It?

Let us fill in the blanks.

We're Racing Net Source —
your source for auto racing and high performance business information for placement on the internet.

Auto racing is exciting and fun and racing websites should be also. A race team's website needs to keep sponsors happy, get lots of hits and keep fans informed about what the team is doing. A business website needs to appeal to the curious web browser and get potential customers interested in your products and coming back to check what's new. How do you get a site that stands out in the vast sea of boring website mediocrity as your target audience surgs the net? You have to make it something people will enjoy and hit more than once, but how do you do that?

Race team managers have your hands full keeping the car on the track, the team members fed, and your sponsors happy, and you don't need another thing to have to worry about. Business owners have to keep the product moving out the door and the checks coming in the mail, and you don't need another thing to have to worry about.

That's where we come in. We're writers, we know racing, we're creative and, hey, this is what we do.

We can furnish you with as much copy (that's a writer's term for words) for your website as you need. We'll update it as often as once a week with race results to make you and your sponsors look good (does the term "Spin Doctor" mean anything to you?) and we'll throw in some photos if you need them, or how about trivia qustions to keep ‘em coming back. Lots of different things, but always lively and informative (heck, you can tell them your shoe size if you want to). We'll get as wild and crazy as you'll let us. Look, this internet thing is supposed to be entertaining.

We don't set up your website—you'll have to do something for yourself—but we'll furnish enough stuff (that's a writer's term for tuff) to keep you, your sponsors, your fans, your customers, and you mother-in-law happy and looking forward to the next update. (Oh, OK, if you need help building the website, we can do that). You can get updates weekly, monthly, quarterly, or do it once and forget it. Price depends on quantity of material you want and how often you want it. (Isn't that always the case!)

We're in business too and we know that when the smoke clears, winning and the bottom line are most important. So give us a call, we'll toss around some ideas and you see what you think. 

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is a writer and photographer who has been in the auto racing business for over 23 years.

He was formerly Senior Editor of Drag Racing magazine, Editor of Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, and drag racing beat writer for National Speed Sport News.

He currently freelances for such titles as Hot Rod, Super Chevy, and Drag Racer, specializing in race reports and tech articles.

CHRIS MARTIN began his writing career with the L.A. Times in 1970.

In his 20-year career at National Dragster, he invented the modern backet reporting form, created the "Where Are They Now?" feature and served as the paper's race handicapper, "Tricky Tipster" for 12 years.

He is the author of "The Top Fuel Handbook," the first published history of the class.

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